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Episode #15
Reimagining Observability and making it viable
with Nick Heudecker, Cribl

We heard a great quote at RESOLVE'22 this year which said, "customers pay for up time and companies pay for downtime".  A rather adroit quote, and one that truly captures the Sisyphean challenge of ensuring applications are performant in the way we expect.  When it comes to the Herculean task (wow - two mythological references in one opener!) of making modern observability viable, there stands Cribl, the leader in Observability Pipelines and a true disruptor of the domain.  Cribl has launched several products that enable practitioners by focusing on data value at the edge, in the stream, and in a customer's Observability Lake(s).

Join us in this episode as we speak with Nick Heudecker, Senior Director of Market Strategy & Competitive Intelligence at Cribl as we explore their product portfolio and how those products reshape how we should think about data processing in observability and security.