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Episode #20
Making Connectivity to Business Resources Impossibly Simple
with Jaye Tillson & John Spiegel, Axis Security

Excessive connectivity to business resources has become an intractable challenge as landscape complexity evolves.  Concepts of ephemerality, growth in business-led IT initiatives, the variability in remote work, the often porous state of cloud, and the nature of entities with ever-changing contexts, have placed pressure on organizations to address this theme at scale.


Axis Security is culling this complexity of access for the modern enterprise.  Axis found acclaim in the ZTNA space, and in April '22 they launched Atmos - a cloud-native solution that added several Security Service Edge (SSE) services to their existing portfolio, including Software Gateway, CASB, and continuous digital experience monitoring.  With over 25k posture checks built in and over 380 points-of-presence (POPs) in the cloud, Atmos provides a blanket of global coverage from which to safeguard business assets.  

Join us in this episode as we speak with Jaye Tillson, Director of Strategy, and John Spiegel, Field CTO, as we unpack the value of SSE and why it represents an urgent opportunity, the business agility benefits that Atmos presents by addressing the complex without being complex, topical use cases that unlock value now, how Atmos differentiates from competitors with mature in-session visibility, tackling challenging applications (e.g., VOIP, P2P, server-initiated sessions, etc.), how Atmos delivers continuous authorization enforcement, and much more.