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Episode #9
Remediate your IaC security posture prior to deployment, 
with Aakash Shah, oak9

In this episode, we speak with Aakash Shah, Co-Founder & CTO of oak9 - a company with DevX in its DNA.  oak9 assesses every change to a company's application architecture against customized security blueprints to identify security design gaps, provide monitoring for drift, and offering actionable advice to remediate.  


All of this is achieved by evaluating Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) and providing immediate feedback in the IDE.  In modern cloud-native architectures, this security entry point is so important as the landscape of features and services that are deployed across team boundaries, and interaction with one another through various access policies, events, and communication methods are making it exceptionally difficult to infer behaviors of an application or transaction. Learn how Oak9 is tackling this complexity by leveraging deep knowledge of IaC (e.g. Terraform) and CSP capabilities.