Ink8r was established by Satbir and Darren to address a growing differential between the promise of software products and value realization of those products in today's enterprise.  


But first, what do we mean by today’s enterprise and why is the value realization gap growing?  Carlota Perez identified that we have entered the turning point in the software revolution.  This is when businesses either master the new means of production (in this case software) or decline and become relics of the last age. Borne from this revolution is an incredibly sophisticated enterprise that is dealing with a tectonic shift not witnessed in 70+ years.  

Enterprises are undergoing extreme competitive pressures unlike anything they have experienced in the past, and are looking to partner with Vendors, Value-Added Resellers (VAR), and System Integrators (SI) to assist, but who are equally inexperienced with burgeoning influences of socio-technical change.   

We are all learning. 


Ink8r routinely pours through vendor pitches, presentations, and demos - all delivered by incredibly capable folks that have deep domain knowledge, to determine how our customers can ultimately benefit.  Yet often the core value in vendor pitches, presentations, and demos all look and sound the same, and they don’t emphasize how to truly establish value realization in the modern enterprise.  Ink8r’s value is in determining,


  • What technology elements would be valuable and when/where they should be introduced

  • Which strategic cohorts in the customer org would benefit and how do we drive usage through advocacy programs

  • What deal structure can be developed such that the customer has protections against acquiring additional ballast

  • and so forth


We do not mean to suggest that vendors are tone-deaf to the challenges of the enterprise, far from it.  It’s more a fundamental inequality of knowledge.  Knowledge is defined as what we know and it involves mental processes of comprehension, understanding, and learning.  Whenever we wish to express what we know, we can only do so through the delivery of messages (omni-channel marketing, channel-based programs, conferences, datasheets/whitepapers/other indelible artifacts, etc.).  The fundamental challenge is that these messages do not carry knowledge, they constitute information.  Information must be assimilated, understood, comprehended, and incorporated into the customer's own knowledge structures which extend well beyond what the vendor can convey.   There must exist a better feedback loop for both vendor and enterprise to navigate this revolutionary period.  

So what does Ink8r help with exactly (and in plain speak)